Shipping Policy

  1. Orders ship within 3-5 days after we’ve been notified by our automated system.
  2. We will only ship to the shipping address that the buyer provides on the order form. If you want to change your shipping address after your order has been made, you must first process a new order and enter the shipping address of your choice. After your order has been reprocessed, request a refund. We will then refund the original order.
  3. Shipping comes with tracking.
  4. If we can provide proof of tracking for an item you claim to have not received, we waive any and all responsibility, and you, the buyer, will have to process another payment for the reshipping of the item if you so choose.
  5. If your item(s) is/are sent back to us after we’ve shipped your item(s) to the shipping address you’ve provided on the order form, you’ll be financially responsible for the reshipping of the item(s). No refunds shall be granted for that particular issue. We will kindly reship the item(s) once you have covered the re-shipping costs. Therefore to avoid this, make sure you provide us with the correct mailing location.
  6. Expedited shipping may or may not be available, depending on the item.
  7. Depending on the item, we may not be able to ship to A.P.O, D.P.O., F.P.O., and P.O. boxes.
  8. We do ship internationally. International shipping may not be available for all products.